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June 30, 2018

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Keep in Mind:

  • The 54 Fourteeners offer a vast array of climbing difficulty (e.g. driving to the summit of Pikes Peak and Mount Evans - to literally putting your life on the edge of Crestone Needle and the Maroon Bells near Aspen).
  • Several peaks require backpacking to the base of the mountain (even taking the Durango / Silverton railroad to the trailhead of Eolus, Windom and Sunlight peaks).
  • There may be several "prayer-peaks prayer-warriors" on a peak (or conceivably hundreds on Pikes Peak if the LORD so desires) or only one or two on some of the more isolated and difficult peaks - only the LORD knows!
  • Inevitably there will be many other climbers out recreating who we'll need to be mindful of and hopefully have an opportunity to share the Gospel with (as climbing Colorado's Fourteeners gets more popular and crowded every year).
  • All participants will be referred to the climb leader for logistics on their specific peak climb. Each climb leader will network with his or her Christian brothers and sisters who are climbing and praying together. Meeting together, car-pooling, lodging, hiking / climbing gear, etc., (and the associated costs) will be worked out amongst the individual climb groups with their climb leader.
  • A printable brochure is available using Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Climbing Leaders:

I need to identify 54 individuals who will lead the prayer peaks climb for the peak corresponding to their state.

  • Peaks / states will be assigned on a first come - first served basis.

  • Know that only the easiest route is to be taken to the summit.

  • UNITY OF PRAYER is PRIMARY (summiting / recreating takes the backseat - take advantage of staying longer in Colorado if you so desire to see and do more).

  • Sign up using this form.

Criteria for Leading:

  • Must be a Christian who has a heart for intercessory prayer for the Church to rise up in this sick American society. 

  • Must have basic mountaineering knowledge and experience (e.g. the leader needs a knowledge of the almost daily, summer, noon-time lightning storms that brew up; also the leader must know about high elevations and its effects on people).
  • Must be a leader (i.e. one who leads followers). Christian brothers' and sisters' lives could literally be hanging on the leader's decisions or lack of. Also, get other climbers involved (i.e. delegate the work of this ministry and have fun with it).

Participants - Not Leading:

Those "prayer warriors" who want to participate, but do not want the responsibility of leading, will be referred to the leader of their corresponding state. Pray for and with your leader and pitch in with the work load (e.g. helping in travel arrangements).

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Please PRAY for favor from God for this ministry as we come together based on II Chronicles 7:14. Prayer Peaks is a drop in the bucket compared to what God is doing in this hour in our awesome country and throughout the world.

For More Information:

If the Spirit of God is moving you towards this prayer ministry (as a leading or following "prayer warrior") I want to hear from you. Also be getting in shape if you are not already - July 5, 2014 at 14,000 plus feet is not too far away!!!

For a climbing guide of Colorado's Fourteeners, I highly recommend my Christian friend's (Lyn Lampert) climbing guide:

Borneman, Walter R., & Lampert, Lyndon J.
A Climbing Guide to Colorado'sFourteeners.
Boulder, CO: Pruett Publishing Company, 1998.

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